Go Make

Advancing solutions for carbon utilization, storage, and traceability

Go Make 2023 with Shell is enabling a circular, net-zero-carbon economy by accelerating the adoption of biogenic and nature-based solutions, alternatives for carbon-intensive commodities, and more. View the request for applications.

Program Scope

Greentown Labs and Shell are looking for startups at TRL 2-7 with innovations for carbon utilization and management across a variety of applications. View the full request for applications and more details on the program’s scope here.

  • Alternative Carbon Feedstocks in Carbon-Intensive Commodities

    • Drop-in replacements for conventional hydrocarbon-based fuels
    • Chemical building blocks, intermediates, and polymers
    • Lubricants, lubricant components, and additives
    • Pre-treatment technologies to prepare alternative carbon feedstocks for conversion into intermediates and products
  • Biogenic and Nature-Based Solutions

    • Soil amendments to improve soil carbon sequestration and stabilization processes within the agricultural sector
    • Pre-treatment technologies to prepare bio-renewable feedstocks for biological conversion into products 
    • Novel proteins and sugars derived from from naturally occurring or genetically engineered microorganisms via CO2 digestion
    • Bioenergy with carbon capture and storage 
    • Environment carbon-storage solutions
  • Carbon Storage and Traceability Solutions

    • Carbon nanotubes and carbon sink materials 
    • Novel manufacturing processes and materials that fix, react, or absorb CO2 over their lifetime
    • Carbon offsets, trading, and solutions that enhance transparency, credit sharing, and public reporting

Benefits for Startups

Greentown Go programs offer startups unparalleled access to collaboration with corporates, alongside expert mentorship and extensive networking opportunities. Through Go Make 2023, your startup can:

  • Engage leadership from Shell and explore partnership outcomes, including pilot projects, joint development agreements, licensing deals, investments, admittance to Shell GameChanger, and mentorship on technology validation and scaling
  • Receive $15,000 in non-dilutive grant funding
  • Benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and partnership-focused programming from the Greentown community of climatetech startup experts
  • Get exclusive access to the Greentown and Shell networks 
  • Receive desk space and membership within Greentown for the duration of the program

Program Timeline

Go Make

Let’s redesign how we make everything.

Go Make 2023 is the latest program in the Go Make track of Greentown Go, Greentown’s climatetech partnerships accelerator that injects momentum and traction into startup-corporate collaborations to decarbonize the global economy, unlocking the power of climate solutions at scale.

Manufacturing contributes 31 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions; to decarbonize the sector, we need solutions that transform how goods are sourced, produced, and managed at end-of-life. 

In this program track, we bring startups and corporates together to accelerate the commercialization of technologies to revolutionize supply chains for everything from plastics, to batteries, and beyond. How do you want to shape the future of manufacturing?

Let’s Go.

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Go Make Alumni

“​​Nothing spurs actual action more quickly than doing a challenge. We have a lot of great things to say about how much the facilitation provided by Greentown Labs and the program makes it easier for us to plug-and-play into a startup ecosystem, in a way that we might not otherwise have the infrastructure to do. This is a great example of a multi-stakeholder approach.”

Mitchell Toomey

Director of Sustainability at BASF

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