Mentor a Startup

How experts can support cutting-edge climatetech startups

Early-stage founders with lean teams have to wear many hats—including in areas far outside their realm of expertise. That’s why guidance from climatetech subject-matter experts, former founders, and other industry leaders is so crucial to helping these companies succeed.

Whether your expertise lies in business development, intellectual property, public relations, pitch-deck creation, or elsewhere, Greentown startups need you! Here’s how you can get involved with founders from our incubator and accelerator programs.

Overview of Greentown’s Venture Development Services

  • Advisor Program: A diverse portfolio of vetted experts available to provide guidance to anyone in our startup community.
    • We are currently accepting applications for community advisors! Apply here.
  • Expert in Residence (EIR) Program: A program focused on founder and leadership-team support, providing expert coaching to founders as they develop their teams and businesses.
  • Accelerator Mentor Program: A cohort of mentors who work closely with startups participating in our accelerator programs—Greentown Go and ACCEL.

See which mentorship track is right for you

  • Advisor Program

    Greentown’s network of 40+ advisors works with our community of entrepreneurs by providing advice in their areas of expertise via one-on-one sessions, office hours, and workshops.

    • Areas of industry expertise include but are not limited to:
      • Business development 
      • Diversity, equity, and inclusion 
      • Fundraising
      • Go-to-market strategy
      • Managing a board of directors
      • Marketing and communications
      • Pitch-deck development
      • Product-market fit
      • Sales 
      • Technical expertise
    • Startups mentored: Available to all Greentown startups
    • Time commitment: 2 hours per month
    • Duration of commitment: Indefinite
    • Nature of engagement: Volunteer

    Apply here to become a community advisor!

  • EIR Program

    Greentown is currently not accepting any EIR applications. If interested, please check back in April 2024.

    EIRs work closely with Greentown startups on developing key business areas and navigating major projects. In addition to meeting with founders one-on-one, these mentors lead expert roundtables and host community workshops for our entrepreneurs. 

    • Areas of industry expertise:
      • Capital and fundraising
      • Marketing and sales
      • Organizational development
      • Business Development
    • Startups mentored: Up to 25 Greentown startups
    • Time commitment: 8 hours per week
    • Duration of commitment: 1 year
    • Nature of engagement: Paid
  • Accelerator Mentor Program

    Greentown is currently not accepting any Accelerator Mentor applications. If interested, please check back in July 2024.

    Accelerator mentors are paired with startups participating in Greentown’s accelerator programs: Greentown Go and ACCEL. Greentown Go is a startup-corporate partnerships accelerator, and ACCEL is a program in partnership with Browning the Green Space designed to support BIPOC-led climatetech startups.

    • Areas of industry expertise include but are not limited to:
      • Market / product / business strategy
      • Engineering management
      • Communication
      • Grant strategy and proposal review
      • Pitch deck development
      • Product-market fit + customer discovery
      • Early-stage fundraising
      • Program management
      • Regulatory landscape
    • Startups mentored: 1-2 startups per six-month Greentown Go program; 1+ startups per year-long ACCEL program
    • Time commitment: 2 hours per month when matched to a program
    • Duration of commitment: 6-month programs, but can stay in mentor pool indefinitely 
    • Nature of engagement: Volunteer