Go Grow

Go Grow

Let’s change how we produce food and feed the Earth’s population.

The food and agriculture industry, responsible for 18 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, is ripe for climatetech innovations that reduce waste and emissions and restore healthy ecosystems.

In this program track, we bring startups and corporates together to accelerate the commercialization of solutions from alternative proteins, to digital solutions that reduce food waste, to lower-carbon fertilizers, and beyond. How do you want to transform the food and agriculture industry?

Let’s Go.

Past Go Grow Programs

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Go Grow 2021

KAITEKI Challenge: Sustainable consumption in proteins, plastics, and packaging

Go Grow Alumni

“Greentown Go offers tailored programs that bring value to both startups and corporates while removing common friction points, resulting in world-class collaboration projects and partnerships.”

Mesbah Sabur

Founder of Circularise

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