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American Battery Technology Company

Powering the Future of Clean Energy Through Battery Recycling

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Founded 2011



Ryan Melsert


Ross Leisinger

Chief of Mining Operations

Gregory Kuzma

Chief Geologist

About the Company

American Battery Technology Company is a premiere lithium resource exploration and development company, whose primary focus is the establishment of a low-cost, environmentally sound production base to supply the rapidly growing lithium-ion battery industry for both mobile devices and laptops, as well as the burgeoning electronic vehicle (EV) industry.

About the Solution

The people behind American Battery Technology are battery experts from start to finish: the initial harvesting of battery metals; the purification of these feedstocks into battery grade materials; the synthesis of these feedstocks into active and inactive components; the manufacturing of the cells themselves; and the manufacturing of these cells into integrated modules and packs.

Using this wide breadth of knowledge, the company has developed a full recycling process that can recover over 95 percent of each of the elemental metals that are integral to manufacturing new batteries.