Meet the Team

Executive Team

Emily Reichert

Chief Executive Officer Emeritus

Kevin T. Taylor

Chief Financial Officer; Interim Chief Executive Officer

Tana Boone

Chief People Officer

Juliana Garaizar

Chief Development and Investment Officer

Joubin Hatamzadeh

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Julia Travaglini

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Lara Cottingham

Vice President of Strategy, Policy, + Climate Impact

Maya Nitzberg

Vice President of Community

Jason Ethier

Senior Director of Membership


Mitchell Bilczewski


Gregory Ralich

Senior Director of Lab and Member Resources

Katherine St. James

Senior Director of Programs

Brian Dowling

Senior Director of Facilities

Carey Ann Comeau

Senior Director of Wet Lab Operations

Graham Flynn

Director of Business Process Improvement

Reena Karasin

Director of Communications

Michela Grunebaum

Director of Programs, Greentown Go

Marinna Teixeira

Director of Programs, Greentown Go

Nour Ghadanfar

Director of Partnerships

Jill Kirkpatrick

Director of Events

Jackie Firsty

Senior Manager, Investor Program

Hallie Fowler

Senior Manager of Lab + Member Resources — Houston

Herb Lozano

EDIJ Senior Program Manager

Jacqueline Johnson

Senior Manager of Community

Tim Kast

Senior Manager, Partnerships Marketing

Kendrick Alridge

Senior Manager of Community — Houston

Erin Silver-Wheeler

Senior Member Experience Manager

Jesse Roth

Senior Manager of Partnerships

Faith Kelnhofer

Houston Incubator Engagement Manager

Sam Crum

Membership Growth Manager

Kay Lowden

Safety + Operations Manager

Irina Kous

Operations Manager

Carmen Yam

Membership Business Operations Manager

Stephen Martinez

Executive Communications Manager

Adj Marshall

EDIJ Manager

Sonali Anderson

ACCEL Program Manager

Jeffery Atkins

Facilities Manager

Janet Rife

Member Accounts

Steve Sansone

Machine Shop Manager

Ashlynn Hall

Operations Coordinator — Houston

Denise Hagen

Partnerships Coordinator

Dominick Protomastro

Program Coordinator, Partnerships

Genevieve Fischer

Program Coordinator, Partnerships

Kyle Higgins

Wet Lab Technician

Dan Cliff

Member Success Coordinator — Houston

Bijan Sabbaghi

Membership Coordinator

Kayla Goodale

Membership Coordinator

Tenzin Choeyang

EDIJ Coordinator

Kelly Wilson

Events Coordinator

Iren Wang

Events Coordinator

Natalie Hill

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Tashi Pique

Front Desk Coordinator

Ana Jaramillo

Front Desk Coordinator

Kimberlee Cook

Community Associate

Karl Adrianza

Marketing + Events Associate

Jacob Frisch

Investor Program Associate

Sophia Naumovski

Operations Associate

Franklin Comeau

Chief Puppy Officer

Lexi Dressman

Community Associate

Our Mission

Greentown Labs’ mission is to build an inclusive community that convenes, connects, and inspires entrepreneurs and ecosystems to advance climate solutions.

Our Values

The Greentown team views driving climate impact through entrepreneurship, partnership, and collaboration as our North Star. To curate, support, and foster our community of startups and corporate partners in the name of climate action, we use the following values as our compass. 


We believe in transparency and integrity, and use these qualities as a guide in all of our communications, behaviors, and attitudes. We are open to diverse perspectives, community members, and partners, and seek them out as often as we can.


We follow the golden rule and treat others how we want to be treated. We are thoughtful, helpful, and kind to our colleagues, community members, and partners, and we treat them all equally.


We celebrate and acknowledge wins within our team and community—both big and small. We are empathetic and patient with our colleagues and our community members.


We hustle with purpose. We’re collaborative and pragmatic in our approach to pursuing new opportunities and solving big challenges.


We are driven by a passion for our mission and we subscribe to an optimistic mindset. We persevere in trying times with the grit of an entrepreneur.


We find humor and joy in our day-to-day operations and strive to create genuine camaraderie among our team. We welcome and encourage spontaneous team time amidst the buzz of our everyday activities.