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Moment Energy

Repurpose, Recharge, Reimagine

Greentown Alumni

About the Company
Moment Energy is providing worldwide access to clean, affordable and reliable energy storage systems (ESS). This vision has helped them form partnerships with four automotive OEMs including Nissan North America and Mercedes-Benz Energy. Moment Energy repurposes retired EV batteries into ESS to reduce demand charges and capacity restrictions in deregulated energy markets such as Ontario. Today, they have 29 employees and have deployed projects across Canada. Their core IP is around the development of a BMS that optimizes the performance of second-life batteries.
About the Solution

It is estimated that 95% of EV batteries are not handled sustainably when retired from the vehicle. Today, it costs thousands of dollars to recycle EV batteries. As the transition into EVs grows to 125 million by 2030, the improper disposal of the batteries is a growing problem leaving 200-300 GWh of end-of-life EV batteries stored on shelves or in landfills. We provide clean, affordable and reliable energy storage by repurposing these batteries. Today, we have deployed four paid projects across Canada and our biggest project was a 120kWh system.