ACCEL, an accelerator from Greentown Labs and Browning the Green Space (BGS), is bolstering BIPOC-led startups as they develop critical climatetech solutions by offering access to funding, networking connections, resources, and opportunities that structural inequities put out of reach.

This year-long program combines acceleration with a curated curriculum, incubation through a Greentown membership, and extensive mentorship from Greentown and BGS’s networks of industry experts.

Participating Startups

  • AtmoSpark Technologies (Houston, Texas) is an atmospheric water generation company with a patented electro-condensation technology, which has a lower energy footprint than that of current water-generation methods. Its co-founders are Tejus Mane, Matthew Bukovicky, and Aniket Khade.
  • Aquasaic (Cambridge, Mass.) is harnessing biology to clean water for planetary and human health. Its co-founders are Shalmalee Pandit and Nikita Patil.
  • Axis Sky Renewables (Houston, Texas) creates innovative wind solutions, specializing in vertical-axis wind turbines that are less expensive to produce, deploy, and maintain than traditional wind turbines. Its founder is Andre Gafford.
  • Carbon Negative Solutions (Rock Hill, N.Y.) is creating smart-city-ready, carbon-negative concrete products. Its founder is Keith Crossland.
  • Cellsense (Somerville, Mass.) develops interactive bio-embellishments that create new possibilities for designers while eliminating microplastics and replacing fossil-fuel-based material at scale. Its founder is Aradhita Parasrampuria.
  • EcoForge (Providence, R.I.) is a building-material technology company developing affordable, high-performance building materials from local agricultural residues, replacing energy-intensive, fossil-based materials. Its co-founders are Rongyu Na, Myung Bender, Kaixi Yang, and Yuqing Mao.
  • Sankofa Dynamics (Boston, Mass.) creates low-cost, eco-friendly solutions for water, air, and energy problems. Its founder is Chauncy L. Spencer.


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