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Sensai Analytics

Scaling Enterprise AI

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Founded 2020



Ian Mathews

CEO + Co-founder

Erin Looney

COO + Co-founder

About the Company

Building on its team’s experience at MIT, Google and Facebook, Sensai Analytics is developing a new way of deploying AI models, based on transfer learning. Inspired by how humans learn new tasks faster when they’ve worked on similar tasks before, Sensai Analytics trains AI models that mimic behaviors from past experiences, drastically reducing the required data and training time for each new model.

About the Solution

Sensai Analytics’ enterprise AI platform enables companies with limited machine learning expertise to build scalable and robust time series forecasting models. Its automated model training process smartly searches through all available data to find and weigh by importance the most relevant information to create a new model—including internal company data from prior projects and relevant external data, such as weather forecasts and scheduled events. Customers can rapidly train new models with minimal effort and small historical datasets by learning from their previous projects.

This platform is ideally suited to building scalable demand forecasting models in the energy, supply chain, manufacturing, smart city, and healthcare industries.