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Universal Matter Inc.

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About the Company

Universal Matter has developed cleaner, faster, more sustainable, and more economical technology to scale up and commercialize graphene, a carbon-based nanomaterial that can provide much improved mechanical and conductivity properties for other materials. Its proprietary and patented Flash Joule Heating process can convert diverse carbon sources into graphene with tunable characteristics for an almost unlimited number of applications.

Headquartered in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, with U.S. and U.K. Innovation Centers in Houston, TX and Redcar, UK, Universal Matter’s vision is to build on its strong R&D foundation to scale its production process and become the world’s leading supplier of lower cost and higher quality graphene materials from diverse carbon sources.

About the Solution

Universal Matter’s mission is to complete the process development and scale up of its proprietary Flash Joule Heating technology to create a world scale operation for producing graphene from carbon waste streams. By becoming a low cost supplier of graphene, the company intends to commercial its product offerings in large volume strategic markets, such as cement/concrete, bitumen asphalt, plastics composites, automotive tires, industrial coatings, battery anodes/cathodes, and other key market sectors.