Greentown Labs partners with multinational corporations that are committed to protecting the climate and bolstering innovation. By connecting our community of entrepreneurs with our network of engaged partners, we help valuable, much-needed climatetech and cleantech solutions get to market.

Collaboration between startups and corporate partners takes many forms at Greentown, from investments to pilot projects to R&D contracts and more.

Terawatt Partners

Greentown’s most involved partners engage with our community through startup pitch days, one-on-one meetings, sector pitch day conferences, and more.

Gigawatt Partners

Megawatt Partners

Ecosystem Collaborators

Greentown works closely with partners from across the climatetech and cleantech ecosystem to support ground-breaking startups. These are some of the organizations we frequently collaborate with.

Become a Corporate Partner

Our corporate partners advance their innovation and sustainability goals by engaging with the Greentown community. 

Partners collaborate with Greentown in ways big and small. They gain access to a world-class roster of vetted startups focused on solving core climate and environmental challenges. They invest in our member startups, become customers, pilot technologies, share ideas, and become mentors. They provide invaluable industry perspective, expertise, and connections that help reduce tech-to-market lead times. They’re a critical part of the Greentown community. 

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