Investor Program

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Get investment recommendations based on your priorities

  • Startup introductions: based on your preferred stage, industry, check size, and more
  • Deal Flow Digests: easily review actively fundraising startups
  • Investor newsletters: with fundraising updates, startups that are raising, and upcoming opportunities to engage with entrepreneurs

Connect with fellow investors and investment prospects

  • Startup connections: via one-on-one office hours and invite-only networking sessions
  • Investor-investor engagement: to share best practices and deal flow

Showcase your thought leadership and learn from others

  • Startup mentoring: to foster meaningful relationship-building and idea exchange
  • Investor connections: at panels, workshops, and events, including Greentown’s Sector Pitch Days and Investor Speaker Series

Explore investing in Greentown Labs startups

Investor Program Case Study


The Startup

Elemental Recycling, a Greentown Labs member, recycles all plastics and tires to create high-purity graphene, graphite, and hydrogen in a process that’s CO2 equivalent (CO2e) neutral.

The Investment

Elemental Recycling recently raised its Series A, led by Freestone, a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital. Freestone learned about Elemental Recycling through Greentown’s Deal Flow Digest—a core component of our Investor Program that showcases fundraising members to our investor network.

From the Startup

“It’s amazing how many people found us through the Deal Flow Digest.”

From the Investor

“The Deal Flow Digest is a great reference to stay up to date on who in the cleantech venture space is looking for capital and what the latest developments at each company are. It also allows for an easy filter by maturity and fundraising stage (pre-seed through Series B) and allows investors to reach out directly to founders to schedule introductory meetings. The inclusion of their pitch deck also gives more info than would be available on their website, so investors have a bit more info prior to meeting with companies.”