Go Move

Go Move

Let’s reimagine the way we move.

To decarbonize the transportation sector, which is responsible for 16 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, we need solutions to electrify transportation, enable alternative fuels, increase efficiency, and promote shared mobility and micromobility.

In this program track, we bring startups and corporates together to accelerate the commercialization of technologies from EVs, to hydrogen refueling technologies, to automotive lightweighting innovations, and more. How do you want to transform transportation?

Let’s Go.

Go Move 2022

Decarbonize the automotive industry with BASF and Magna

Go Move 2022 with BASF and Magna seeks to decarbonize the lifecycle impact of the automotive industry, from materials design to recycling processes, and beyond.

Participating Startups

●  Carbonova (Calgary, Alberta, Canada): Carbonova is a technology company developing a solution to produce high-volume superior carbon nanofibers (Carbonova fiber) for use in various market applications, utilizing greenhouse gas feedstocks and turning them into a sustainable and valuable solid commodity.

Endeavor Composites (Knoxville, TN, U.S.): Endeavor Composites is pioneering high-performance, low-cost, and zero-waste composites to solve difficult manufacturing problems.

FibreCoat (Aachen, Germany): FibreCoat creates affordable and conductive fiber materials for integrated EMI-shielding, heat transfer, and weight reduction in EVs.

Heartland Industries (Detroit, MI, USA): Heartland produces materials and technologies to help decarbonize manufacturing.

MITO Materials Solutions (Indianapolis, IN, U.S.): MITO’s patented platform technology creates hybrid additives with unique attributes—and limitless possibilities.



Want to learn more? Reach out to Marinna Teixeira, Greentown’s Senior Program Manager, Partnerships.

Past Go Move Programs

Go Move 2019

H2 Refuel Accelerator: Hydrogen infrastructure and supply chain innovations


Go Move Alumni

“I got really good feedback from the startups. I wanted to make sure this was useful to them. Many companies have been in several accelerators, funding programs, etc. So why another one? It is clear [Greentown Go programs are] something different. One company said this is the best program they have been a part of so far.”

Matthew Blieske

Global Hydrogen Product Manager at Shell

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