A Community Committed to Climate

Greentown Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit catalyzing climate solutions.

Our members, our partners, and our staff are united by a common mission: solving the climate crisis through entrepreneurship and collaboration. Whether you’re a startup founder or a policymaker or an investor or a corporate executive, this is the place where you can take climate action.

Our community wants to change the way people think about, engage with, and use energy. We want to change how we build our buildings, how we get around our cities and towns, how we grow our food, how we manage our water.

We believe in the power of entrepreneurs in the climate battle. And we’re confident that when combined with support and amplification from corporates, politicians, private citizens, and others, climatetech startups will drive progress.

We aim to be the leading hub where people from all over the world congregate to work toward the shared goal of a sustainable, renewable future.

Greentown Labs’ mission is to accelerate climatetech innovation and commercialization by empowering entrepreneurs and enabling collaboration.


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Our Incubation Model

Greentown Labs aims to be a supportive, collaborative, and inspiring community for early-stage entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. In light of that mission, we don’t take any equity in our member companies. Instead, members pay monthly fees based on their lab and office space. We bring in revenue from other sources, including partnerships and grants, to keep membership fees low for our startups.

Membership fees are approximately market rate, but include so much more than desk and lab space—members also gain access to more than $1 million worth of resources, equipment, programming, staff support, and more.

“When you get a coffee, I think the most magical question that you can ask another founder is, ‘How’s progress?’ It opens a floodgate of information back and forth of helping each other. What’s at the heart of it is you enter into a world where you’re not alone, because others have gone or are going through or will go through the same marketing struggles, technology struggles, and investing struggles.”

Sam White

Co-founder of Greentown Labs and of Promethean Power Systems

“Greentown is extremely valuable and necessary for people like me who come from an academic background and are commercializing technologies that started in a university laboratory. People like us benefit incredibly from the experience and the connections that the community brings together. The connection to people who have experience in a certain aspect of scaling, fundraising, working with customers, etc., makes it much easier and more exciting for us to figure out how to move in this very complicated space.”

Francesco Maria Benedetti

CEO of Osmoses

“In terms of the value of Greentown, a lot of it came from the community. Once you move into Greentown, and once you’re around other teams working on similar problems—teams that have, say, taken a prototype to market—it changes your perspective on what you need to get started and it changes your perspective on what progress looks like. It provides this network of people who have done similar things before.”

Sean Grundy

Co-founder of Bevi