GE Vernova

About the Company

GE Vernova’s mission is clear. Addressing the climate crisis is an urgent global priority and the company takes its responsibility seriously. That is the singular mission at GE Vernova: continuing to electrify the world while simultaneously working to help decarbonize it.

If we want our energy future to be different…we must be different.

GE Vernova’s mission is embedded in its name. It retains its treasured legacy, “GE,” in its name as an enduring and hard-earned badge of quality and ingenuity. “Ver” / “verde” signal Earth’s verdant and lush ecosystems. “Nova,” from the Latin “novus,” nods to a new, innovative era of lower-carbon energy that GE Vernova will help deliver.

Together, we have The Energy to Change the World.

Industry Leadership Council Member

Limor Spector

President, Ventures & Incubation