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About Embraer-X

Embraer-X is the disruptive innovation company of Embraer, the world’s 3rd largest aircraft manufacturer. Acting as a market accelerator Embraer-X is committed to sustainability principles and has the objective of fostering and structuring new business opportunities alongside with the innovation ecosystem players willing to forge new paths that positively impact our world. More information about the company available at www.embraer.com

Embraer-X expects to engage with Greentown Community through events and reports, accessing novel businesses and innovative solutions addressing the climate challenge but also providing visibility of the actions we are taking. They also expect to identify potential investment opportunities as well as co-investors and partners who will leverage common startups and projects in alignment with their goals and objectives.

About Embraer

Embraer joined forces with the international community to fight the growth of greenhouse gases emissions. The company has been working in projects aiming at the reduction of emissions through the development of more efficient aircraft, new technologies and the enhancement of the productive sector. Their long term commitments to reduce the rhythm of global warming are reflected in the following environmental goals:

      • 100% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2030
      • Carbon Neutrality in operations by 2040
      • Products for zero carbon aviation by 2050.

At Embraer they believe that their journey towards those challenging goals can only be propelled and accelerated by means of cooperation and partnership inside and outside aviation industry, and are eager to identify synergies within active ecosystems around the world.