Re:Build Manufacturing

About The Company:

Across the United States, Re:Build Manufacturing is a family of design, engineering, and manufacturing businesses whose combined experience creates an industrial powerhouse greater than the sum of its parts. Their expertise in technology development, product engineering, operations management, component and complex systems manufacturing, and product life cycle management is changing the way industrial America does business. Close collaboration yields more value for the good of all—their customers, their employees, and the community—for the very long term.

Imagination sparked their belief that they could rekindle industrial America. Expertise fuels their process. But it’s the 16 principles comprising the Re:Build Way that are indispensable to their success. Their partnership with Greentown Labs illustrates their commitment to their fourth principle— “We protect the environment and devote significant resources to science-based sustainability programs.”

Partnership with Greentown Labs

Re:Build Manufacturing brings to the partnership their experience and expertise in solving technology, engineering, scaling, and manufacturing challenges inherent in developing green tech innovations. As an example, Re:Build Fikst based in Wilmington, MA, has deep expertise and experience working with early-stage companies to move from technology demonstration to integrated system to commercialized solution. Across their family of businesses, they have successfully supported their clients in the energy and power, sustainability, energy storage, electrification, agriculture, and mobility industry sectors.