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Mind, Body, Laces

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Founded 2022


Resiliency + Adaptation

Kristeen Reynolds


Michael Fletcher


Kristen Lee


Douglas Smallwood


Robert Sallet


About the Company

DrinKicks is a sneaker themed consumer packaged goods company that is focused on repurposing food waste and recycled materials into sustainable goods such as shoes, sports equipment, and clothing all while educating consumers on the power of the circular economy. The company’s approach will provide exposure to an important topic through the lens of sneaker culture. Its motto is Mind-Body-Laces. The users will benefit by changing how they think about consumption (Mind). Users will learn about healthy products and habits for both themselves personally and the Earth (Body). Users will be more educated and have the threads (Laces) to tie everything together.

About the Solution

Drinkicks are Pressed Juices with health benefits that expand beyond their ingredients, Users want to engage and be part of something unique. The team found that it was easier to change the way we engage with healthy beverages versus why we drink them.