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Aquasaic Corporation

Harnessing biology to provide clean water for the planet

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Resiliency + Adaptation

Shalmalee Pandit

Co-founder and CEO

Nikita Patil

Co-founder and CTO

About the Company 

Shalmalee and Nikita co-founded Aquasaic to solve the problems they faced growing up in water deserts. Their customer discovery efforts revealed a two-fold problem in water: 1) understanding the water profile, including water impact and recycling potential, and 2) the need for the development of a simplistic and low-process water treatment solution. They have begun to address this problem with a unique biological perspective in an effort to revolutionize water treatment while preserving the environment.

About the Solution

Wastewater treatment is expensive, troublesome, and toxic. The status quo to remediate wastewater typically includes fiscally inexpensive treatment methods that have high environmental costs due to the use of harsh chemicals, which leach into the groundwater and surface streams. Aquasaic has created a non-toxic and energy efficient solution, genetically engineered yeast, to capture heavy metals, including lead, arsenic, and mercury, from various water sources.