ACCEL Year 1 — 2023

Year 1 Cohort

Sneakers made from food waste. Ultracapacitors built with hemp sourced from Black and Indigenous farmers. Ultra-light solar panels you can place anywhere. These are just some of the groundbreaking climatetech solutions being developed by the inaugural ACCEL cohort. 
Learn about the startups below and check out their success during the program!

EarthBond is Bringing Solar Energy and Cost Savings to Nigerian Business Owners

EarthBond (Cambridge, Mass.) leverages group financing and carbon accounting to lower costs and risk in the energy transition of Nigeria’s $14B fuel-based, off-grid generator market. Its founder is Chidalu Onyenso.

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florrent is Developing Hemp-Based Ultracapacitors for the Energy Transition

florrent (Amherst, Mass.) is developing “marathon runner” energy storage solutions called ultracapacitors made from hemp farmed by indigenous BIPOC farmers. Its co-founders are Jose LaSalleJoe Hastry, and Alexander Nichols.

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DrinKicks is Creating Shoes Out of Food Waste and Recycled Materials While Educating on Circularity

DrinKicks (Houston, Texas) is developing sneakers made from food waste and recycled materials in an effort to engage the sneaker enthusiast community in circularity. Its co-founders are Kristeen ReynoldsMichael Fletcher, and Kristen Lee.

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SpadXTech’s Materials Platform Tech Can Decarbonize Textiles, Transportation, Filtration, and More

SpadXTech (Worcester, Mass.) is reducing emissions in packaging, textiles, transportation, filtration, and more through its core and versatile material platform technology. Its co-founders are Lina M. González and Connor Crawford.

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frakktal’s Biobased Alternative to PVC is Ready to Revolutionize the Built Environment

frakktal (Houston, Texas) is a materials company developing bio-based polymers for the replacement of fossil-fuel-based feedstocks across industries. Its founder is jhana porter.

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Active Surfaces Reenvisions Where Solar Can be Installed with Ultra-light Panels

Active Surfaces (Salem, Mass.) unlocks dual land-use applications through its ultra-thin-film, flexible solar technology. Its co-founders are Shivam Bhakta and Richard Swartwout.

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