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Carbon Negative Solutions

Turning Negative Into Positive

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Founded 2023



Keith Crossland


Wenyu Liao


About the Company

Carbon Negative Solution produces smart-city ready carbon negative concrete products. The company has a patent-pending ready-mix concrete that has an embodied negative carbon footprint. Moreover, its concrete is conductive which serves the function of a super-capacitor enabling applications such as heating, energy storage, and EV charging, to name a few.

About the Solution

Concrete is a carbon intense industry emitting eight percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions. For reference, standard concrete has an embodied carbon footprint of 0.20kgCO2/kg of material.

Carbon Negative Solutions provides an embodied carbon negative concrete. Said in a different way, the more concrete the company produces, the more carbon it sequesters from the environment. The company’s proof of concept builds out of two sidewalks showed a carbon negative footprint of -0.15kg of CO2/kg of material.  If its product replaced all Ordinary Portland Cement based concrete (0.20kg of CO2/kg of material), it would sequester 4.5B tons of carbon AND avoid 10.5B tons of carbon emissions. Furthermore, Carbon Negative Solutions’ concrete is stronger than standard concrete, 3D-printable, and serves as a supercapacitor. These features address industry problems such as concrete reliability, labor shortages, and concrete workability while opening up new capabilities such as energy storage, EV charging, and Wi-Fi connectivity.