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About the Company

MITO Materials created a chemistry platform technology that is the first and only process with the power to functionalize graphene and other biomaterials – creating hybrid additives that give fiber-reinforced composites and thermoplastics lab-verified improvements in strength, durability, flexibility and sustainability. MITO’s first product series is designed to be seamless, scalable and adaptable, with limitless engineering applications – allowing you to incorporate graphene into existing polymer and composite production methods.

About the Solution

MITO Materials has developed a chemical process to functionalize hard-to-use materials into high-performing, very low-loading additives, making us the first and only graphene functionalizer to truly make graphene usable and dispersible with little effort. We do not make graphene, we make it better. MITO Materials’ technology gives graphene the properties needed to unlock its true potential by functionalizing it with POSS, giving graphene chemical functionality and a lower barrier to entry. The degree of dispersibility is increased so much, that only a drill and paint mixer is required to disperse into polymers. By increasing dispersibility, easing handling, and decreasing required loading by 20x, these hybrid materials give fiber-reinforced composites mechanical performance increases of up to 135% beyond the baseline. With this chemical process, we are able to use other scaffolds besides graphene ( i.e. starch, cellulose, lignin) to enable a more sustainable future of advanced materials that have a lower barrier to entry.