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Go Energize

Let’s change how we power our world.

Decarbonizing our energy systems is critical to climate action—electricity generation alone is responsible for 27 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and for hard-to-decarbonize applications where electrification isn’t possible, we’ll need new fuels and other solutions that deliver energy without carbon emissions.

To tackle emissions in this sector, we need collaborative innovations that change how energy is generated, stored, transported, and consumed. In this program track, we bring startups and corporates together to accelerate the commercialization of solutions from novel battery technologies, to offshore wind, to grid management, and more. How do you want to transform the sector next?

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Go Energize 2023

Developing Solutions for Responsible Offshore Wind Project Development with Vineyard Wind and MassCEC

Go Energize 2023 with Vineyard Wind and MassCEC seeks to decarbonize the energy sector through the responsible development of the domestic offshore wind industry.

Program Scope

Go Energize 2023 is seeking applications from startups with a technology readiness level (TRL) of 3 and higher. Applicants should also be actively commercializing or looking to commercialize within the offshore wind industry. Technologies that have been demonstrated or commercialized for a different market are still eligible, as long as there is a relevant target application.

The program scope includes both environmental and digital solutions that can be applied to the offshore wind industry: 

  • Environmental Solutions

    • Turbine-level bird- & bat-deterrent systems
    • Collision vulnerability and detection with bird-identification systems
    • Low-cost metocean / deep-water data-collection buoys
    • Biodiversity around turbines/nature-inspired designs
    • Drones for subsea inspection, mapping, biodiversity measurements / recording
  • Digital Solutions

    • Design-phase overengineering reduction and real-time condition-monitoring (digital twins)

Program Benefits for Startups

  • A platform to connect with and learn from offshore wind developers, NGOs, scientists, and other key players driving the burgeoning offshore wind industry in the United States  
  • $70,000 in non-dilutive stipend funding
  • An opportunity to engage with developers and other organizations to build collaborative pathways for future startup-corporate partnerships in the offshore wind industry 
  • Mentorship, networking opportunities, and educational programming from the Greentown Labs community of climatetech startup experts
  • Exclusive access to Greentown Labs, Vineyard Wind 1, and MassCEC network resources 
  • Desk space and membership within Greentown Labs for the duration of the program

Want to learn more? Reach out to Michela Grunebaum, Greentown’s Director of Programs.

Go Energize Alumni

Jean-Luc Meyer from Schneider Electric took it almost like a mission to introduce us to the business units, introduce us to the venture group—to drive that progress. The [Go Energize 2018] Bold Ideas Challenge led to a Series A investment, which Schneider Electric co-led, and that was very instrumental for our company in order to get where we are and where we’re moving.

Shawn Murphy

CEO + CTO of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

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