Go Energize

Go Energize

Let’s change how we power our world.

Decarbonizing our energy systems is critical to climate action—electricity generation alone is responsible for 28 percent of global greenhouse-gas emissions, and for hard-to-decarbonize applications where electrification isn’t possible, we’ll need new fuels and other solutions that deliver energy without carbon emissions.

To tackle emissions in this sector, we need collaborative innovations that change how energy is generated, stored, transported, and consumed. In this program track, we bring startups and corporates together to accelerate the commercialization of solutions from novel battery technologies, to offshore wind, to grid management, and more. How do you want to transform the sector next?

Let’s Go.

Go Energize 2023

Developing Solutions for Responsible Offshore Wind Project Development with Vineyard Wind and MassCEC

Go Energize 2023 with Vineyard Wind and MassCEC is decarbonizing the energy sector through the responsible development of the domestic offshore wind industry.

Participating Startups

  • Blue Atlas Robotics (Odense, Denmark): Blue Atlas Robotics has developed and commercialized a robot platform that removes operational and data limitations present today when using available methods for underwater inspections.
  • FutureOn (Oslo, Norway): FutureOn’s FieldTwin creates a dynamic and 3D geospatial common data environment across surface, subsea, and subsurface domains, with open API connectivity into third-party tools and existing customer workflows.
  • HyperKelp (Encinitas, Calif., United States): HyperKelp produces the Kelp Smart Buoy—a hosted payload platform capable of carrying hundreds of sensors—that collects and transmits marine-level data for wind farmers, climate scientists, and military intelligence officials.
  • Lobster Robotics (Delft, Netherlands): Lobster Robotics develops lightweight, low-cost, fast robots for visual surveying to lower the cost of surveying in offshore wind farms.
  • SeaDeep (Malden, Mass., United States): SeaDeep revolutionizes underwater assessments with AI-powered subsea vision for inspecting marine environments and substructures in real-time and with high-fidelity using low-cost, off-the-shelf cameras.

Want to learn more? Reach out to Michela Grunebaum, Greentown’s Director of Programs.

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Go Energize Alumni

Jean-Luc Meyer from Schneider Electric took it almost like a mission to introduce us to the business units, introduce us to the venture group—to drive that progress. The [Go Energize 2018] Bold Ideas Challenge led to a Series A investment, which Schneider Electric co-led, and that was very instrumental for our company in order to get where we are and where we’re moving.

Shawn Murphy

CEO + CTO of Titan Advanced Energy Solutions

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