Machine Shop

Shop Overview

Our machine shop is chock-full of equipment climatetech and cleantech startups need to build their hardware. This is where Greentown members construct their initial prototypes—designing and iterating on the inventions they’ll one day have manufacturers produce at scale. Modifying manufactured parts and assemblies quickly allows members to rapidly turn their ideas into tangible parts and components.

We keep machines running smoothly, offer training on how to use the equipment, manage consumables, and clear the way for our members to achieve the next milestones in the development of their hardware prototypes.


  • Kaeser Air Compressor
  • Clausing Drill Press
  • Buffer
  • Buffer Stand / Filter
  • 1-ton Arbor Press
  • 5-ton Arbor Press
  • 5-ton ratcheting Arbor Press
  • Grizzly G0542 – 48″ Pan and Box Brake
  • 30″ 3-in-1 Sheet Metal Machine
  • Grizzly G0614 – 6″ x 9-1/2″ 1-1/2 HP Swivel Metal-Cutting Bandsaw
  • Grizzly G0668 – 20″ 2 HP Vertical Metal-Cutting Bandsaw
  • Markforged X3
  • Two Cetus MK printers
  • Formlabs Form 3L 
  • Formlabs Form 3+

Labs and Shops

Prototyping Lab

Greentown Houston provides more than 13,000 square feet of prototyping lab space at 4200 San Jacinto St. This open-concept lab space is where startups take their work from R&D to rapid prototyping while preparing for manufacturing and commercial development.

Explore The prototyping Lab

Electronics Lab

A dedicated space for electronics assembly, soldering, testing, and measuring.

Explore The Electronics Lab

Outdoor Lab

Greentown’s Outdoor Lab is available for tests and experiments that benefit from exposure to the elements.

Explore the outdoor Lab