Weekly Newsflash 12/23-12/30: Wind and Solar Becoming Increasingly Competitive with Conventional Fossil Fuels

Weekly Newsflash 12/23-12/30

This week in cleantech news, we were impressed to read reports confirming the continually falling costs of solar and wind power production and project installation; Blockchain appears poised to transform microgrids in Europe; and Buffalo, NY will boast solar module manufacturing for Tesla-SolarCity in the next year. What cleantech news have you been reading? Share it with us @GreentownLabs weekly #newsflash!


Bloomberg : China to Cut Solar, Wind Power Prices as Project Costs Fall
The move comes as average solar panel prices have tumbled about 30 percent this year, according to data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance, resulting in a lowering of the bids that solar developers offer to build projects. Prices of wind turbines also fell in 2016, according to London-based BNEF. China will also encourage local authorities to continue making use of auctions to select renewable energy developers, in order to further lower power prices, according to the NDRC.


Cleantechnica : Low Costs of Solar Power & Wind Power Crush Coal, Crush Nuclear, & Beat Natural Gas

“New wind power and/or solar power plants are typically cheaper than new coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants — even without any governmental support for solar or wind.  Not only are they typically cheaper — they’re much cheaper in many cases.”


GreenBiz : These Technologies Promise Impact in 2017
Clean energy technologies as a whole are plunging in price exponentially. Wind, solar, batteries and electric vehicles are all surging towards being cheaper than fossil electricity and fossil cars. That’s the only way that we win on climate: To make clean energy and clean transport cheaper than the dirty alternatives. And it’s happening.”


The Wall Street Journal : Oil Producers Turn to Wind Power
“The Netherlands wants to build the world’s largest offshore wind project, and an unlikely company is helping: Royal Dutch Shell PLC. The oil-and-gas giant is facing shareholder pressure to develop its renewable business. Add in falling construction costs for such projects, and Shell has decided to join a handful of other oil companies aiming to leverage their experience drilling under punishing conditions at sea.”


Clean Technology Business Review : Tesla, Panasonic to Start Solar Panel Production in US this Year
“Japanese electronics manufacturer Panasonic and electric carmaker Tesla Motors will begin production of solar modules in the summer of 2017 at Tesla’s Buffalo, New York factory in the US. The solar cells and modules manufactured at the plant will be used to produce solar panels in the non-solar roof products.”


Microgrid Media : Blockchain Underpins Germany’s NEW 4.0 100 Percent Renewable Energy Plan

“Belgium “green” energy brokerage Yuso and Netherlands-based smart “Energy of Things” consultancy Priogen engaged in Europe’s first Blockchain-based, peer-to-peer (P2P) energy transacation during the EMART Energy 2016 industry conference and exhibition in Amsterdam the first week of November. Yuso and Priogen staff connected directly with each other and used Ponton’s ‘Enerchain’ to buy and sell electricity produced from renewable energy sources during a live demonstration.”