Weekly Newsflash: Battery Breakthroughs, Offshore Wind and Renewable Energy

Hey friends! Here’s a recap of the top energy and sustainability-focused articles we read last week. Please share other interesting articles with us at @GreentownLabs!

Bloomberg: A U.S. State Has Key to $10 Billion Offshore Wind Boom

State lawmakers are drafting a bill that would jumpstart offshore wind development that could lead to an estimated $10 billion in construction off the Atlantic coast.

CleanTechica: British Public Want More Renewable Energy, Benefiting Communities

A new survey has found that 81 percent of citizens of the United Kingdom support renewable energy.

Fortune: Ford Is Working on an Electric Car to Compete With Tesla

Ford confirmed its plans to introduce a long-range electric vehicle into the market to compete with models from Tesla and General Motors.

The Guardian: Phasing Out Coal, Oil and Gas Extraction in US Would Drastically Cut Emissions

Phasing out coal, oil and gas extraction on U.S. federal land would drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, according to a new study.

Tech Insider: Researchers Have Stumbled Upon a Battery Breakthrough that Could Change Energy Storage Forever

Researchers from the University of California have discovered a gel that could increase battery life and make battery storage more affordable.