We Love Our Startups: Member Appreciation Day & Birthday Celebration 2016

Where does the time go?! It seems like just yesterday four hardware-focused entrepreneurs out of MIT were looking for affordable space to share and build their cleantech prototypes. Fast forward to today and look how far we’ve come! Greentown Labs is now home to more than 40 startup companies working to solve the world’s biggest energy and environmental challenges.

This week we celebrated our amazing member companies with our annual Member Appreciation Day and Awards Ceremony. The award recipients were selected based on popular community vote; check out the winners for each category:

Sexiest Prototype: In recognition of jaw dropping tour stops, compelling cleantech innovation & the stuff that makes you say, “WOW.”


“Greenest” Greentowner Award: In recognition of an individual who aims to live sustainably and encourages green practices in the Greentown community.



Greg Ralich, Greentown Labs’ Team Administrator & go-to guy for so many things within the Greentown Labs’ community

Safety Superstar: In recognition of a company dedicated to the safety of their space, team and those around them.



Machine Shop: In recognition of an individual who loves the Machine Shop, frequently visits the machines and carefully constructs and edits prototypes at Greentown Labs.



Gaby Waldman-Fried, Mechanical Engineer, Loci Controls

NightOwl Award: In recognition of the company that stays late, all the time, working on their technology.



Friendliest Face Award: In recognition of an individual whose smile lights up their face and spreads joy among the community.



Erik Modahl, Founder, Beantrust

Cross-Pollination Award: In recognition of an individual who goes out of their way to offer their own expertise, experiences and insights with other Greentown companies and individual members.


Joe Rife, Dynamo Micropower

Breakout Company of the Year: In recognition of a company that has gained momentum over the past year with reaching major milestones & significantly advancing their company.



Community-focused awards were given out by the Greentown Labs team to specific member companies who are particularly active in the community. We’re proud of all of our member companies and can’t wait to see what they do next!

Crunch Time Tour Award: In recognition of a company that is always willing to talk about their company, business model & tech on last-minute tours.


Team Spirit Award: In recognition of a company that showcases unique company culture, quirky & fun team meetings, and bring a fresh perspective to the greater community.



One to Watch Award: In recognition of a new member company that joined Greentown in 2016 that shows early traction, steadfast commitment and incredible potential.



Thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate our members and our birthday celebration at EnergyBar last night. We had a great time and hope you did too!