PROPEL Program Launches at Greentown Labs

Today marks the beginning of PROPEL, the first startup acceleration program fostering connections between startups and corporate strategic partners, hosted right here at Greentown Labs! With the vision of a smarter, interconnected, resource-efficient world, PROPEL supports four companies in building their individual products toward integrated solutions and viable business models that can radically change the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Our PROPEL companies include:

Gridorder: 2015 graduates of CleanTech Open Northeast, GridOrder offers a cyber security platform for the IIoT, helping secure smart machines and sensors to enable energy and operational efficiency for industrial applications. Their team includes Nissia Sabri and Pallavi Mishra.

Tagup: Founded out of Harvard Business School and MIT, Tagup offers industrial equipment manufacturers a cloud-based solution to track products’ sensor, location, and static data in real-time. They enable manufacturers and their supply chain partners to have complete visibility into a product’s operational status, improving service contracts and generating new sales opportunities. Tagup is led by co-founders Jon Garrity and Will Vega-Brown.

Gusali Labs: Gusali Labs uses a proprietary low power sensor system to enable large scale, high density, wireless monitoring of bridge, building, pipeline, and storage tank structural health. Using advanced analytical techniques, data gathered from their sensor network is processed in the cloud to provide actionable insights to municipalities and businesses in near-real time. First having met at Analog Devices, their co-founders are Joe Bamberg and George Clernon.

MultiSensor Scientific: MultiSensor Scientific is developing a multispectral infrared (non-thermal) camera system to visualize and quantify methane leaks from natural gas infrastructure in real-time. By simultaneously imaging and determining gas density at every pixel, inspectors from the wellhead to the refinery to transport pipelines to the city street can locate and prioritize critical repairs, and reduce harmful methane emissions that are driving climate change. Their two co-founders are Allen Waxman and Jason Blysma.

Now that the companies are settled into Greentown Labs, we encourage you to come say hello and learn more about the technologies they’re developing.

We hope to see you at Greentown Labs’ next EnergyBar!