GE Vernova Joins Greentown Labs as a Terawatt Partner

GE Vernova’s Portfolio of Energy Businesses to Help Climatetech Startups Commercialize and Scale Innovations

Somerville, Mass., and Houston, Texas, Nov. 7, 2023 Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech incubator in North America, today announced GE Vernova as its newest Terawatt Partner—the highest level of engagement with the incubator.

GE Vernova is a planned, purpose-built global energy company that includes Power, Wind, and Electrification businesses. Its mission is to continue electrifying the world while simultaneously working to help decarbonize it. The company is accelerating the path to more reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy, while helping its customers power economies and deliver the electricity that is vital to health, safety, security, and improved quality of life.

Earlier this month, GE Vernova—the installed base of which helps generate approximately 30 percent of the world’s electricity—opened its global headquarters in Cambridge, MA, on the same street where Greentown was founded in 2011 and just two miles from the incubator’s present location. With its new headquarters and partnership with Greentown, GE Vernova has situated itself in the heart of climatetech innovation and endeavors to be the partner of choice for climate-focused startups, including Greentown’s more than 200 members.

“I am thrilled to join as a new partner with Greentown Labs and look to support the climatetech ecosystem in many different ways,” said GE Vernova CEO Scott Strazik, “Whether it’s innovating new technologies, the industrialization of products, or leveraging our relationships globally, we are eager to collaborate with this unique and important group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders.”

Through its partnership with Greentown, GE Vernova will forge connections with the incubator’s community of climatetech startups, gain access to curated and customized events, and participate on Greentown’s Industry Leadership Council, which provides strategic guidance to the incubator. Limor Spector, GE Vernova’s President, Ventures & Incubation, will serve on the Industry Leadership Council.

“GE Vernova embodies what we’re looking for in a partner: energy transition expertise with a deep commitment and passion for innovation, collaboration, and decarbonization,” said Greentown Labs CEO and President Kevin Knobloch. “Equally important, the team at GE Vernova has a real sense of urgency to accelerate global decarbonization and is eager to engage with our community of climatetech startups—I can’t wait to see all that we’ll accomplish together.”


About Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit catalyzing climate solutions through entrepreneurship, partnership, and collaboration. As the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, Greentown Labs brings together startups, corporates, investors, policymakers, and many others with a focus on scaling climate technologies. Driven by the mission of providing startups the resources, knowledge, connections, and equipment they need to thrive, Greentown Labs offers lab space, shared office space, machine shops, electronics labs, tool shops, software and business resources, and a large network of corporate customers, investors, and more. With incubators in Somerville, Mass. and Houston, Texas, Greentown Labs is home to more than 200 startups and has supported more than 525 since the incubator’s founding in 2011. These startups have collectively created more than 24,000 jobs, raised more than $5.1 billion in funding, and generated more than $9.8 billion in regional economic impact. For more information, please visit or LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Greentown Media Contact:

Julia Travaglini

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About GE Vernova

GE Vernova is a planned, purpose-built global energy company that includes Power, Wind, and Electrification segments and is supported by its accelerator businesses of Advanced Research, Consulting Services, and Financial Services. Building on over 130 years of experience tackling the world’s challenges, GE Vernova is uniquely positioned to help lead the energy transition by continuing to electrify the world while simultaneously working to decarbonize it. GE Vernova helps customers power economies and deliver electricity that is vital to health, safety, security, and improved quality of life. GE Vernova is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S., with more than 80,000 employees across 140+ countries around the world.

GE Vernova Media Contact:

Treacy Reynolds

Public Affairs, GE Vernova