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From Impossible to Possible with Carbon Nanotube Supermaterials

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Founded 2018



Olivia Espy Huntington


Amram Bengio


Stephen Yan


Alex Marks

Chief Engineer

About the Company

Wootz was founded in 2018 by Amram Bengio and Alex Marks to bring high-performance carbon nanotube materials to market. Its core technology is a scalable, sustainable, steady-state manufacturing process that produces cost-competitive aligned carbon nanotube materials with multifunctional properties that are unique in material science.

About the Solution

Wootz makes carbon nanotube supermaterials to replace or augment traditional metallic conductors. For example, its fiber has a specific conductivity exceeding that of copper, while also being half the weight of aluminum, as strong as Kevlar, as flexible as thread, and stable in even the most aggressive environments. If you are in the clean energy, automotive, power transmission, or defense industries, the company’s cost-effective materials can open new frontiers in the design and performance of your products.