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Tender Food

Creating the right taste and texture in alternative meats

Greentown Boston Member

About the Company

Tender is on a mission to make meat without the animal, creating meat products using the building-blocks of life: proteins. Inspired by nature, Tender makes these alternative meats with the right taste and texture—all at an affordable cost. All in all, delicious products, but kinder to animals and better for the planet.

About the Solution

One of the greatest challenges to develop these products is in the texture—in our ability to recreate the long-range fiber texture found in meat. Tender, a company recently spun-out of Harvard University, has developed technologies that use natural proteins to create real texture in alternative meats through a sustainable and scalable process. Tender will offer partners and consumers alternative meat products and production methods to create better and cheaper products. With that, the startup will fundamentally change the way we produce and consume meat and transform a multi-trillion-dollar industry.