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Replacing single-use plastics

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Founded 2018



Thomas Laugesen

Co-founder + CEO

About the Company

LeafPack is replacing single-use plastics, with same price substitutes made out of 100% natural materials, that biodegrade naturally in nature no treatment needed, and that are perfect for waste management and helping corporations reach their waste management targets for 2025.

A Note from the Leafpack Team:

“The difficult part is done (R&D, Prototypes, MVP, Machine Specs, Location surveyed, Team, etc.), and now we, as a highly experienced business team, just have to do the simple business stuff. We need to build a profitable business manufacturing biodegradable single-use items, and thus completely disrupt multiple billion-dollar industry segments that are all still entrenched on plastics.

As you would expect, the customer and industry interest is overwhelming, and we are also putting together an industry consortia of non-competing main players, who are all facing the same challenges; how to stop using single-use plastics.

Project LeafPack is open to investment and strategic conversations.”

For more information, please contact:  [email protected]