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Innovator Energy

Increase standard of living while decreasing resource consumption and pollution

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About the Company
Innovator Energy develops and deploys breakthrough solutions in cooling, heating, and heat transfer.
About the Solution

SolvCor – Heat Transfer – A Fundamentally New Platform for Heating, Cooling and Thermal Storage. SolvCor is enabled by ‘SolvCor liquids’, the first and only liquids with a specific heat capacity greater than water (1.8X greater than water).

CO2 Evolution – The first and only CO₂ capture technology powered by abundant low temperature enabling the technology to have no parasitic load to a power plant.

ABUNDESS – A fundamentally new platform for electricity storage. It stores electricity by displacing water with a low density liquid in a closed system. ABUNDESS has a round trip efficiency greater than 80% and over 100X the electricity storage potential of pumped hydro.