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For an intelligent use of energy

Greentown Alumni


Founded 2015



Giuseppe Giordano

CEO + Co-founder

Filippo Ferraris

International Sales Director + Co-founder

Marco Martellacci

CSO + Co-founder

Francesca Freyria

Grants + Innovation, Co-founder

About the Company

Enerbrain’s founders started the company because they care about the future and making the energy transition easy for carbon-free communities. They believe our towns and cities must be sustainable, smart and people-oriented. The company uses artificial intelligence to improve the performance of buildings and to make them more sustainable for the ecosystem in which we live. Enerbrain is currently active in more than 13 markets, thanks to an international team of over 50 experts.

About the Solution

TheĀ Enerbrain system is an IoT solution based on innovative algorithms and artificial Intelligence that radically improves energy management in buildings resulting in high energy savings and better indoor comfort levels for our customers. Moreover, their solution smartly interconnects all energy stakeholders to manage and control any type of building in an automated and optimized manner, keeping energy flows in balance. Their smart energy optimization solution helps forward thinking public and private organizations be recognized as innovative and green eliminating financial and technical risks in energy management and become leaders in the fight for climate change.