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AeroShield Materials

The Clear Choice for Insulation

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About the Company

AeroShield manufactures a super-insulating, porous glass for energy efficient windows. Based on one of the most insulating materials in the world, AeroShield is twice as insulating as air and lighter than a marshmallow.

About the Solution
Making windows lighter, thinner, & more comfortable

The AeroShield material can be placed between two panes of glass, similar to a traditional double-pane, to create a product that is 50 percent more insulating than traditional windows, but with a payback period up to five times faster than windows of similar performance. This brings state-of-the-art thermal comfort, durability, and energy savings into homes at a price that consumers can afford.

The AeroShield Material: high-clarity silica aerogel

The AeroShield material was developed and patented at MIT to reach the highest clarity. This solid material is made up of 95 percent gas trapped inside pores that are so small the naked eye can’t see them. It’s these pores that reduce convection, while the glass nanoparticle backbone limits conduction and convection.