Meet Our Inaugural Greentown Houston Members

Our startup members are the heart of Greentown Labs. These groundbreaking entrepreneurs are working hard every day, and they’re working together—as a community that’s devoted to climate action

Earlier this year, we announced our planned expansion to Houston, TX. Greentown Labs Houston will be the first climatetech-focused incubator in the city, aiming to serve as an on-the-ground catalyst for the energy transition in Houston. 

Greentown Houston meets the city’s growing need for a convening organization for the cleantech and climate action community. At its opening in Spring 2021, Greentown Houston will provide about 50 startup companies with more than 40,000 square feet of prototyping lab, office, and event space—all within the city’s growing Innovation District—along with the community, network, and other resources early-stage companies need to thrive.

All of this is why we’re so excited to welcome our 16 inaugural Greentown Houston startup members. These early-access members are innovating across the key greenhouse gas-emitting sectors—including electricity, manufacturing, buildings, and more—and their solutions are helping create a sustainable future for all.

Let us introduce you to:

Applied Bioplastics produces affordable polymers with properties that are equal to or better than those of traditional petrochemical plastics. These polymers use significant plant matter, which absorbs CO2 and avoids the CO2 emissions of petrochemical plastics. Applied Bioplastics’ thermoplastic replacement displaces 30 percent of the petrochemical content, resulting in a noticeable reduction in carbon footprint.

Black Mountain Metals is a global battery metals mining company, specifically focused on sustainable nickel and copper mining for lithium-ion battery cathodes.

ClearTrace is building the future of a truly connected world through technology that empowers trust, transparency, security, and integrity. Its product is a cloud-based SaaS solution that leverages blockchain technology to track, trace, and manage renewable energy delivery connected to corporate sustainability and ESG goals while simultaneously creating transactable digital assets for energy and environmental attributions.

ClearValue deploys zero-net-carbon, sustainable, renewable, and resilient electrical generation and transportation power systems via combustion of in situ, sunlight-powered, bio-chemically formed, pure hydrogen and oxygen.

e^2: equitable energy is a multi-brand cause-marketing platform that onramps consumers on the road to drive carbon neutral, accelerate deployment of sustainable energy solutions, and incentivize adoption of zero-emissions vehicles in a way that is compelling, convenient, cost-efficient, and credible. e^2 offers a multi-stakeholder partnership that creates shared value for energy companies, conservationists, consumers, and climate activists—thus the “Square Energy Deal” for all.

Eclipse Solar Projects (ESP) finances, develops, owns, and operates utility-scale solar projects in North America through newly developed technology and potential battery storage operations. In bringing its solar arrays to Texas, ESP will partner with communities, landowners, and farmers to identify ideal site locations and then successfully develop renewable energy projects in communities that will benefit from them.

Ennuity Holdings is creating a brand new asset class that allows retirees to buy out their electric utility bill. By doing so, retirees can fund construction of the clean energy infrastructure needed to impact the trillion-dollar climate problem, while receiving an in-kind return that substantially beats other types of fixed income investments.

Excipio Energy is an offshore renewable energy company integrating wind, wave, currents, OTEC, and power-to-fuel in a single floating platform.

Quantum New Energy is working to make energy sustainable by empowering everyone to take responsibility for their climate impacts. The company helps people, organizations, and cities make smart energy choices that reduce costs and cut carbon emissions. Quantum New Energy’s platform, EnerWisely, helps users transform their unused energy consumption data into personalized, actionable insights to maximize their monetary savings and reduce their environmental impacts.

Renu Energy focuses on “Renuable” energy technologies to create efficiency and economic advantages with a responsible and accountable future. The company specializes in the recycling industries, water filtration, and wind energies.

REVOLUTION Turbine Technologies (RTT) is developing a revolutionary, carbon-free power generation solution that solves pain points for upstream oil & gas. RTT’s technology is a micro-Expansion Turbine System (mETS). The mETS uses an existing source of pressurized gas, such as lift gas, to generate power for mission-critical equipment without burning or venting the lift gas, so that no CO2 is released.

Revterra is developing a highly efficient kinetic energy storage solution for utility-scale applications, such as the storage of solar and wind energy.

Skylark designs and manufactures broadband last-mile radio systems for internet service providers, with a focus on 40 million unserved Americans in rural markets. Its patented solution provides point-to-multi-point, non-line-of-sight, and affordable high-speed communications in difficult terrain that other technologies can’t reach. Skylark enables truly ubiquitous broadband connectivity using fixed wireless systems that avoid the high cost and environmental disruption of trenching or stringing fiber.

ULTROGEN has a proprietary, patent-pending nanotechnology that increases the production of green hydrogen in alkaline electrolyzers by 50 times at 90 percent lower CAPEX.

Varea Energy aims to help enable the world’s transition to an energy-efficient and sustainable future by rooting out inefficient waste, water, and energy systems to increase sustainability and decrease operational costs for commercial facilities. Its data-driven SaaS business model eliminates barriers to adoption, quickly generates cost savings, and enables simple, scalable customization.

Veloce Energy develops technology to create intelligent, flexible, and scalable grid-edge energy networks (GrEEN). Initially focused on cost-reduction in EV charging stations, the Veloce FastGrid™ system uniquely combines energy storage, intelligence, a streamlined installation system, and a charging-infrastructure-as-a-service model to maximize and deliver customer value.

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