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Eclipse Solar Projects

Brightening up the world through solar power, one community at a time

Eclipse Solar Projects Logo

Founded 2020

Alexandra McHenry

CEO + Founder

About the Company

Eclipse Solar Projects (ESP) finances, develops, owns, and operates utility-scale solar projects in North America through newly developed technology and potential battery storage operations. In bringing its solar arrays to Texas, ESP will partner with communities, landowners, and farmers to identify ideal site locations and then successfully develop renewable energy projects in communities that will benefit from them. ESP sells off generated electricity wholesale to Offtakers, and then sells the excess electricity on the open markets, for potential ancillary services, and/or through the sale of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).

About the Solution

Solar Power generation—a free and clean energy resource—reduces the amount of CO2 concentrations in the global atmosphere that directly contribute to harmful greenhouse gases (GHG) causing climate change. Reducing the amount of GHG emissions is essential to achieving a zero-carbon society, a goal in the International Paris Agreement, COP-21.

The rapid deployment of utility-scale solar facilitates the advancement of important technology affecting this industry, making it more efficient and profitable. It also allows corporations, cities, governments, and other entities to reduce their carbon footprints while meeting strict budgetary demands. Renewables, such as solar, have matured into smart, market-based solutions.