Meet Our New Member Companies!

Our favorite posts are ones introducing our new members! Especially with our new Global Center for Cleantech Innovation opening very soon, we’ll have a lot more new member introductions. We are SO excited to let you know about seven fantastic companies that have joined our community recently. Stay tuned to find out what amazing feats these companies achieve during their time at Greentown Labs.

Baseload Renewables Battery storage technology capable of replacing fossil fuel-based power as the primary source of baseload electricity delivery across the grid.

Dig.Y.Sol– is a company that aims to provide uninterrupted service for our customers that have an environment or system that operates as a group of devices that exchange or transport things or fluids.

Eden GeoPower– Eden GeoPower is a geothermal company built to diversify the current renewable energy portfolio by developing new solutions to tap in to previously overlooked geothermal reservoirs.

Electrona Robotics – Electrona has developed a revolutionary low-cost remote submersible platform. It gives you the power to shoot HD video, collect scientific data, and recover objects beneath 400 feet of cold, dark water.

Halo Energy was founded by Ralph Kappler in 2002 in London as first mover in renewable energy marketing communications. Since then several renewable energy companies have been created under a similar “Halo Energy” branding in the USA, in Australia, Ireland and the UK.

Trace Matters Scientific- Making the next generation of simple, portable, and low-cost miniature mass spectrometers to provide lab-grade chemical analysis readily available at the point of need/action.