The KAITEKI Challenge

With Greentown Labs and Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical logo
Collaborate with one of the world’s leading chemicals corporations
Get $25K in non-dilutive grant funding to cover a proof of concept project
Receive mentorship and partnership-focused programming from Greentown Labs
Accelerate your innovations in alternative proteins, plastic recycling, or food loss + waste prevention

Program Scope

Through the KAITEKI Challenge, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC) aims to form partnerships with startups developing validated technologies that provide solutions for addressing alternative proteins, waste plastic recycling, and preventing food loss and waste. Each of these areas has a clear and direct impact on the environment and the health and wellbeing of society. See below for more details on eligible technologies in each topic.


  • Plant-based protein / fungi-based protein
  • Cellular agriculture

Seeking TRL 3 and above (post Proof of Concept)


  • Recycling technologies
  • Design for recycling 
  • Management systems

Seeking TRL 3 and above (post Proof of Concept)


  • Packaging
  • Preservatives
  • Processing

Seeking TRL 5 and above (product ready for sample testing)

About the Program

The Greentown Labs KAITEKI Challenge, in partnership with Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), is focused on innovations that will enable sustainable consumption in daily life. This six-month program will foster collaboration between MCHC and startups innovating in proteins, plastics, and packaging, with the goal of accelerating much-needed climatetech solutions.

The KAITEKI Challenge is part of Greentown Launch, Greentown’s flagship corporate partnerships accelerator, which enables forward-thinking corporates to mobilize the climatetech ecosystem to advance their sustainability goals, super-charge their external innovation strategies, and forge meaningful partnerships with industry-disrupting startups.

During months of workshops and frequent touch points between MCHC and the selected startups, program participants will receive extensive mentoring, business training, and access to resources to advance their technological and commercial development, working toward mutually agreed upon goals in cooperation with MCHC. The program gives participants a unique window into MCHC’s inner workings—which invariably helps scaling startups understand how to pursue partnership.

What is KAITEKI?

“KAITEKI” literally translates to “comfort” or “wellbeing” in Japanese, but to MCHC, it means much more. Since 2011, MCHC has approached its businesses through a sustainability lens, defining success not just in terms of the next quarter or even the next decade, but in terms of the next century. For MCHC, KAITEKI means “the sustainable wellbeing of people, society, and planet Earth.”