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Paragon Pure

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Founded 2019



Chris Gregson


Matt Sillick


Darryl Kirsh


Roberto Olivi


Dérick Rousseau

Scientific Advisor

About the Company
Paragon Pure invents healthy and sustainable ingredients that create a broader positive impact on the food system. The company’s innovation cycle targets research grants and corporate PoC trials to fund and develop novel foods.
About the Solution
Plant-based meals are a promising solution for the planet in crisis. Olé pb is a healthy fat solidified by oleogelation and specifically tailored for the next generation of plant-based burgers. Paragon Pure’s prototypes deliver the visual cues of fat within raw patties and then control the pan sizzle, juiciness and flavor release performance. Unlike the unsustainable alternatives, olé pb utilizes rice bran oil & wax: both up-cycled abundant raw materials from rice polishing.