Greentown Go Make 2022 with Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) Announces Startup Cohort Focused on Supply Chain Decarbonization

The accelerator program, which specializes in advancing startup-corporate partnerships with Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) and the M-Lab Companies, welcomes five startups working on emissions-reducing innovations for industrial supply-chain applications.

Somerville, Mass. and Houston, Texas, Oct. 20, 2022 Greentown Labs and Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) (“MCA”), today announce five startup participants for Greentown Go Make 2022, a Greentown Go program designed to accelerate startup-corporate partnerships to decarbonize points across traditional industrial supply chains.

Decarbonizing supply chains is critical to reducing emissions from the manufacturing sector and beyond. From production to packaging and distribution, each stage of the supply chain needs robust climatetech innovation to make a net-zero future a reality. Specifically, Go Make 2022 set out to find startups with solutions across supply chain management; packaging products and materials; alternative foods and ingredients; and green fleets and battery management. After a highly competitive selection and deliberation process that saw close to 150 startup applicants, a cohort of five participants was selected, combining international expertise with decades of climatetech experience and innovation for this unique startup-corporate accelerator program:

●  Energiency (Rennes, France): Artificial-intelligence- and human-intelligence-driven energy intelligence technology dedicated to manufacturing

Moment Energy (Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada): A clean, affordable, and reliable energy storage system built using second-life electric vehicle batteries

●  Nfinite Nanotech (Waterloo, ON, Canada): Smart nanocoating that enables sustainable packaging to keep products fresh and eliminate waste at scale

●  RenewCO₂ (Cranford, NJ, USA): Cost-competitive carbon-negative monoethylene glycol using today’s grid electricity

●  Sensai Analytics (Somerville, MA, USA): Helping Commercial EV owners maximize the residual value of batteries.

Selected startups will work closely with MCA over a six-month period to advance commercialization efforts—collaborating to de-risk their technologies, discover potential industrial applications, and develop viable go-to-market strategies. With MCA’s extensive expertise across a wide range of sector-focused business groups, from industrial materials to automotive & mobility, food industry, consumer products, power solutions, and industrial infrastructure, they are an invaluable resource for growing startups looking to commercialize their tech—particularly in the climate space.

”After becoming a Greentown Labs member in 2019 when we opened our Boston Branch, it has been a pleasure to see the relationship mature and crystalize in this first Greentown Go program,” said Eita Kitani, VP and General Manager of Boston Branch of Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas). “The selection of this startup cohort is a big step and is an opportunity for Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) to further contribute to the ecosystem that is working to decarbonize supply chains. We are looking forward to the next phase of working with the selected startups along with our fellow M-Lab Members.”

As the founding member of the M-Lab Companies, a consortium of 13 top-tier Japanese organizations based in Silicon Valley, MCA has been an industry leader when it comes to convening groups toward climate innovation and action. As an Enabling Partner for Go Make 2022, the M-Lab Companies (which includes such organizations as Tokio Marine Holdings Inc., Asahi Kasei America Inc., INTEC I.T. USA, ENEOS Americas Inc., Fujifilm Corporation, Yazaki Innovations, Inc., Japan Post Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.) will also act as an invaluable resource for program participants throughout the course of the program.

With a proven track record of cultivating and accelerating startup-corporate partnerships across the five key greenhouse gas-emitting sectors (manufacturing, transportation, energy and electricity, buildings, and food and agriculture), Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, will provide the needed framework to foster collaboration between MCA and the program participants.

“Supply chains impact almost every aspect of our daily lives and decarbonizing them is one of the most impactful actions we can take to tackle climate change,” said Emily Reichert, CEO at Greentown Labs. “With the world facing a global energy crisis, this work takes on a bold new importance and we are excited to partner with MCA and this incredible cohort of global climatetech entrepreneurs to find solutions to our most pressing supply chain challenges.”The Go Make 2022 cohort will participate in three workshops with MCA, culminating in a showcase event on March 30, 2023, at Greentown Labs’ Boston location. To learn more, visit the Go Make 2022 website.


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Greentown Labs, the largest climatetech startup incubator in North America, runs Greentown Go programs across five tracks: Go Make (manufacturing), Go Move (transportation), Go Energize (energy and electricity), Go Build (buildings), and Go Grow (food and agriculture). These startup-corporate partnerships programs challenge the status quo within each key greenhouse-gas sector as they accelerate partnerships between industry giants and innovators.

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Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas) (“MCA”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation (“MC”), a global integrated business enterprise that develops and operates businesses across virtually every industry. MCA is the holding company for MC group companies in North America. With offices and affiliates throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, MCA engages in business development in a wide range of industries, including natural gas, industrial materials, petroleum & chemicals, mineral resources, industrial infrastructure, automotive & mobility, food industry, consumer industry, power, and urban development.

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M-Lab, a consortium of large top-tier Japanese organizations based in Silicon Valley, has led the next generation of innovation by leveraging business capabilities, a vast multinational customer base, and access to corporate resources across industries and organizations since 2016. Participating companies have identified common initiatives to form a co-innovation in the mobility, healthcare, climatetech, and materials sectors. The M-Lab consortium comprises 13 corporations, including but not limited to Mitsubishi Corporation (Americas), Tokio Marine Holdings Inc., Asahi Kasei America Inc., INTEC I.T. USA, ENEOS Americas Inc., Fujifilm Corporation, Yazaki Innovations, Inc., Japan Post Co., Ltd., and Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.