Weekly Newsflash: Energy Innovation, District Energy, and Cleantech Crowdfunding

This week: energy innovation is accelerating across the nation and the globe, but how do we do more? Meanwhile, district energy, energy storage and clever investment strategies could all facilitate compounding solutions for the nation’s electricity grid. What cleantech news have you been reading? Share them with us @GreentownLabs!


New York Times : Big Question on Climate Crisis: How to Inspire Innovation
Around the world, energy innovation seems to be speeding up. Large historical forces are converging to create unprecedented turmoil and opportunity in what had long been one of the most hidebound industries. The changes are coming just as governments have finally resolved, after two decades of failed efforts, to tackle the global climate crisis. The emissions that cause global warming have already fallen in some of the biggest countries, including the United States.


Huffington Post :  District Energy Can Accelerate the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy
The system’s main advantage is higher energy efficiency, but added values include cheaper and more reliable energy for the citizens – and a higher probability of meeting climate goals for the decision makers.


Cleantechnica : How Does Cleantech Crowdfunding Work?
A large and inspired community is excited about the future of clean energy. However, many cleantech startups are unable to access the resources they need due to their intentional detour from traditional business pathways. Cleantech equity crowdfunding may be the solution to this dilemma.

: New Simulation Represents 100% Renewable Energy System
In a first of its kind-type simulation researchers from the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland have modeled a 100% global renewable energy system covering the entire planet, structured into 145 separate regions as part of 9 major world regions.


Solar Energy Magazine : Women of Wind Energy Expands to Solar, Other Cleantech
Women of Wind Energy (WoWE), an organization that has long promoted the education, professional development and advancement of women in the wind industry, is opening its programs and services to go beyond its wind energy legacy.


Microgrid Knowledge : Our Energy Future and Fraying Wires: A Message for the New President and Congress
A new book – The Grid: The Fraying Wires Between Americans and Our Energy Future – offers these and other insights about the challenges of modernizing America’s electric grid – the set of wires and transformers that transmit and deliver power. According to the author, McGill University professor and cultural anthropologist Gretchen Bakke, our current system is “worn down, it’s patched up, and every hoped-for improvement is expensive and bureaucratically bemired.”


Eco-Business : Want to Improve Solar and Wind Power? Bring Them Together.
By combining intermittent renewable energy sources through hybrid projects, developers are taking advantage of the strengths of each.


Greentech Media : A Cleantech Investor’s Policy Advice for the Next US President
Earlier this year, the U.S. brought on-line its millionth solar installation. The U.S. solar industry now employs more people than coal mining or oil and gas extraction. And last year, clean energy investments in the U.S. totaled $56 billion, with a majority of dollars going to solar and wind.


Greentech Media : Mercedes-Benz Launches a US Energy Storage Company
Parent company Daimler AG has created Mercedes-Benz Energy Americas, LLC to sell stationary storage of all sizes to the U.S. market. Like Tesla, this is a car company that developed electric vehicles (EVs) and then put its battery expertise to work in a stationary storage product.