Weekly Newsflash 9/10 – 9/14: Cleantech is the Future

This week in cleantech and renewable energy news, Greentown Labs has been selected as a Power Connector for the American-Made Solar Prize! In other news, full carbon neutrality is in order for CA, solar broke records in Europe this summer, and Google struck a deal with three wind farms in Finland.

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Greentown Labs – Greentown Labs Selected to Expand the American-Made Solar Prize

  • This week, Greentown Labs was selected to facilitate and grow the American-Made Solar Prize as a Power Connector. Greentown will receive $100,000 to ensure the success of the Solar Prize.

NREL selected Power Connectors for their vision, strength of networks, track record of success, and geographic diversity, among other factors. Greentown Labs brings significant experience supporting cleantech startups and running solar-focused accelerator programs which will help the Solar Prize achieve its goal of growing the solar innovation ecosystem and revitalizing American solar manufacturing.”


Vox – California Gov. Jerry Brown casually unveils history’s most ambitious climate target

  • Full carbon neutrality is on its way in California. The state’s Governor wanted to kick off the week of the Global Climate Action Summit with the unexpected executive order.

“SB 100, the bill Brown signed on Monday, commits the state to clean electricity by 2045, but electricity only accounts for about 16 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions. Brown’s executive order would commit the state to doing something about the other 84 percent — transportation, building heating and cooling, industry, all the many and varied energy services that rely on direct fossil fuel combustion rather than electricity.”


Greentech MediaSolar Broke Records All Over Europe This Summer

  • With the rising temperatures and increased capacity, solar is taking over as the top energy source in European countries.

“In the U.K., solar broke the record for weekly output between June 21 and June 28, producing 533 gigawatt-hours of energy. The spike in output led solar to take over from gas as the number-one energy source in the country, said the European PV industry body SolarPower Europe.”


Business Insider – Google’s struck a 10-year deal with three new winder farms to pump renewable energy into its Finland data center   

  • The wind farms being built in Finland will power one of Google’s data centers. This deal will help Google manage costs and reduce their carbon footprint through what is called a “corporate power purchase agreement”.

“The combined capacity of the three farms will be 190 megawatts (MW) and will be built by renewable energy developers Neoen of France and Germany’s CPC and WPD.”