Weekly Newsflash: 2/27/2017-3/3/2017: Major Players Continuing to Make Sustainability a Priority, Protecting Earth’s Natural Water Sources & Building a Career in Cleantech

It seems like every week the renewable energy industry takes another step forward. This week, national entities continued to amplify their commitment to sustainability through new programs. As people become more aware, it is important to also recognize the vitality of the planet’s marine assets. Protecting the Earth’s natural waters is critical to keeping our planet healthy. Finally, as more jobs are created in the field, it is important to understand how to sustain a successful career. Those looking to establish themselves in the industry should heed the advice of professionals and experts.

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The Huffington PostSustainability and the Blue Economy

  • In discussions about green energy and supplying the world with renewables, land-based assets are often the focal point. However, the planet’s oceans represent the largest source of natural capital on the planet. The vast resources of oceans are critical to quality of life on Earth and must be equally prioritized.

“But the green economy will not succeed without the blue economy that includes in the calculation the ocean as a redeeming source of renewable protein, energy, fresh water, and biodiversity with unimagined implication for the future of human survival.”

CleanTechniaPumped Hydro Storage Could Secure 100% Renewable Electricity For Australia

  • Experts in Australia believe that pumped hydro storage could be the key to meeting the country’s 100% renewable energy goals. Water pumped from low to high reservoirs provide unlimited source of energy at low costs.

    “With Australia wrestling with how to secure its energy supply, we’ve found we can make the switch to affordable and reliable clean power”

GreenBizCorporate clean energy deals are a bigger priority than ever

  • While entrepreneurs are likely to develop solutions that will revolutionize energy consumption, major corporations are vital to their success. Commitment to renewables and willingness to promote innovation are ways corporations can help clean energy become the norm. Thankfully, research shows that some of the world’s most powerful economic forces are hearing the message.

“71 of the Fortune 100 and 215 of the Fortune 500 have a sustainability or renewable energy target, or both. The targets reach across industries — with hospitality, chemical and apparel in the lead.”

CNBCAmazon looks to go big on solar, clean energy

  • Amazon fulfillment centers represent the massive scope of American warehousing capabilities and use enormous amounts of energy. The company has recently committed to making solar energy a priority in these hubs. The decision is a clear indication that Amazon understands the impact of their business and the potential it has to influence change. 

“As our fulfillment network continues to expand, we want to help generate more renewable energy at both existing and new facilities around the world in partnership with community and business leaders” 

Solar Industry MagazineNew York Beefs Up Program To Help Schools Go Solar

  • This week, solar energy took another step into the mainstream. The New York Power Authority announced a plan to implement solar panels in schools statewide. The program could serve hundreds of districts and cast the state as a prime example for others looking to lower their footprint. 

“Making a commitment to solar energy requires no investment on a district’s part, and by participating in the governor’s innovative K-Solar program, schools are making a strong statement about the importance of renewable resources.”

Entrepreneur– 5 Niche Incubators and Accelerators That Could Be Good for Your Business

  • Acceleration and incubation programs are no longer exclusive to the tech industry. We are proud to be recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a leading hub of cleantech innovation for startups. Incubators around the planet produce some of the most creative solutions to the world’s energy problems and are capable of producing revolutionary alternatives.   

“More than 75 companies have used the space, with alumni scattering around the U.S. Collectively, they’ve created more than 300 jobs and raised more than $70 million in funds.”

GreenTech Media– The Future of Work: Advice for Building a Cleantech Career in a Rapidly Changing Economy

  • As clean energy becomes more prominent, exciting job opportunities are popping up everywhere. Like any profession, there are habits and skills employees can develop to enable success. What steps can professionals take to turn a clean tech job into a career? Tamika Jacques of MassCEC offers advice in an exciting and informative podcast.

“If this industry becomes as big as everyone says it will be, how can local economies reap the benefit?”