Unveiling the Machine Shop at Greentown Labs

In celebration of Earth Day 2015, we proudly announced the official opening of our new Machine Shop, made possible by The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. One of our founding sponsors, the MassCEC has continued to show their support for our mission and community by generously providing a grant to finance the build-out of a common Machine Shop in the prototyping space at Greentown Labs. The Shop houses a manual lathe, a CNC mill, a CNC lathe, a belt sander, a vacuum thermoformer, a 3D printer and more!  See a full list of accessible resources from Greentown Labs here. The Shop will be staffed by a manager and accomplished machinist, Steve Sansone, who will maintain the equipment and provide on-site training to community members.


“At the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, it is our mission to accelerate the success of clean energy technologies in the Commonwealth. As the largest cleantech incubator in the nation, I cannot think of a better partner than Greentown Labs to bring the most cutting-edge clean energy solutions to market. We anticipate many groundbreaking technologies to emerge from the new Greentown Labs Machine Shop,” said Alicia Barton, CEO of the MassCEC.

Together in a dramatic unveiling, Alicia Barton and Greentown Labs CEO Emily Reichert cut the ribbon and ceremoniously unraveled the new Machine Shop sign, making it officially open to Greentown members.

IMG_5375“Being able to iterate quickly and cheaply is crucial to success in hardware startups. This is truly an invaluable resource that the entire community will benefit from,” added TJ Edwards, Co-founder and CEO of Autonomous Marine Systems.

Thank you to the MassCEC for their continued support in helping us expand the resource portfolio we offer to hardware entrepreneurs in the cleantech space. Special thanks to Steve Sansone, Machine Shop Manager, as well as Tony Parisi, Liz Barno, Cam Stoker, and Mike Nawrot for their diligent efforts in bringing this shop to the floor.