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The Triple Bottom Line: How Our New Member Company Sunwealth is Changing the World and Maximizing Returns

Sunwealth is a pioneering clean energy investment firm that owns and operates high-quality commercial solar projects. Sunwealth offers investors the opportunity to participate in these projects through the sale of equity and debt products. Revenue from electricity sales and a cost-effective operating system have created meaningful returns for its investors.

The last few years have been a period of rapid growth for residential and utility based solar projects, but the commercial field has been stagnant. Limited transparency and high transaction costs are attributable to minimal growth. Sunwealth has developed proprietary systems to combat these challenges and sees the commercial solar market as an enormous opportunity. Core to Sunwealth’s mission is the belief that demand is not the reason for slow growth but rather minimal availability of cost effective solutions. Founder Jon Abe saw the need and decided to start a company that would find ways to overcome these challenges.

Sunwealth has instituted creative and groundbreaking techniques to meet the demand in the commercial market. Their revolutionary online platform and standardized documentation process have lowered transaction costs and made it easier to find the best projects. The robust developer network Sunwealth has championed is increasing transparency and changing the way investors view commercial solar power.

Ryan Dings, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

“It’s very possible to rapidly accelerate the adoption of commercial solar.  For us, it’s about opening the doors to new investment opportunities in cleantech. Not every cleantech investment has to be a venture investment”

Sunwealth wants investors to know they provide an opportunity for consistent and stable returns. Looking beyond the returns, the company is driven by a social mission to benefit communities and the environment. Every project implemented has a very tangible impact on the triple-bottom line. Sunwealth is creating jobs, cutting electricity costs, and reducing the carbon footprint of many communities who would typically not have access to solar alternatives. In all of their work, Sunwealth seeks to empower individuals and be stewards to the environment while creating excellent returns.

The Sunwealth team is looking forward to connecting with and learning about Greentown Labs member companies in the solar industry. They are also eager to establish relationships within the investment community Greentown has curated.  Eventually, Sunwealth envisions expanding to work with larger companies and communities.

We are thrilled to have Sunwealth join the Greentown Labs community and are excited about the tremendous work they are doing!