The Greentown Community Shares Their Climate Action Work and What Greentown Means to Them

#Greentown10 is a year-long celebration of the startups, partners, ecosystem collaborators, and other climate champions who have worked together over Greentown’s first decade, and this month, we’re spotlighting our incredible community of entrepreneurs!

Many of our members say the supportive community is the best part of Greentown, and we couldn’t agree more. Our entrepreneurs share tips, connections, and ideas, united by a common commitment to tackle climate change and an understanding that no one can do this alone.

Check out the videos below to hear what they’re working on, what the Greentown community means to them, and more!


We’re proud to have a supportive community of 140 startups at Greentown that’s more than the sum of its parts and is fiercely committed to climate action! Watch our members explain what our tagline “Climate Action At Work” means to them:

As part of #Greentown10, we asked our members to share how they define Greentown. Our alum Via Separations’ CEO Shreya Dave answered, “Greentown Labs is an incredible launchpad for founders, technologies, and teams.” Listen to more of our members’ answers below!

Our community of entrepreneurs is the heart and soul of Greentown. Here’s what our members Applied Bioplastics, Ennuity Holdings, Via Separations, QuantAQ, and Ivys Energy Solutions say Greentown means to them:

Our startups are accomplishing amazing things. Here’s how our members say the Greentown community and network have supported them as they advance their climate solutions.

Greentown startups are making hydrogen transportation a reality, curbing manufacturing’s thermal energy use, monitoring air quality at the community level, and so much more. Here’s how some of our entrepreneurs describe their world-changing climatetech solutions: