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Team SimpleFuel Contributes to the Future of Transportation With H-Prize Victory

It has been a few months since Ivys (along with its partners in Team SimpleFuel) was awarded the prestigious Department of Energy H-Prize. We are still in awe of their innovations across the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle space. Let’s take a look back at the challenge parameters and the solution that Team SimpleFuel developed to meet the high demands of the competition.

The SimpleFuel consortium comprised of Ivys Energy Solutions, McPhy Energy & PDC Machines, developed a state of the art, on-site hydrogen generation and dispensing appliance.

The appliance was created to enable a convenient network of hydrogen refueling for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), providing an alternative to fossil fuel burning cars. Team SimpleFuel is adamant that FCEVs powered by renewable energies can be efficient and practical. The team plans to commercialize a fleet-based refueling system, capable of providing a 1-kilogram fill to FCEVs in under 15 minutes using hydrogen produced via electrolysis – this represents ~65 vehicle mile range which is akin to a Level 3 DC fast charger for battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Ivys hopes to expose consumers to the potential of hydrogen fueled vehicles and initiate a movement away from fossil fuel burning engines. Promoting clean energy is a critical part of their identity and their appliance has the capability to significantly lower GHG emissions. Ivys’ fueling station is evidence that sustainability and convenience are not mutually exclusive in the transportation industry.

Building on their success, Ivys is actively pursuing opportunities to deploy SimpleFuel in the regional metro-Boston area, and expects to showcase their breakthrough in the coming months.

Stewards of our planet and anyone with a passion for cleantech will be able to experience the future of clean transportation first hand. Stay tuned for more information about their fleets!

We know the future of green transportation is bright and we’re  so proud of Ivys’ leadership in hydrogen innovation!We can’t wait to see what they’ll do next—follow them on Twitter @IvysEnergy for updates!