Request a Tour

Greentown Labs is proud to host more than 12,000 visitors from around the world every year. Our 90-minute tour provides visitors with an introductory presentation about Greentown Labs and our members, presentations from 2-3 of our member companies, and a guided tour through the prototyping lab of our headquarters.

Please note: while Greentown Labs would love to welcome every tour request we receive, it’s unfortunately not always possible due to our small team and limited bandwidth. With this in mind, we’ve implemented a tour pricing structure that varies based on size and type of group. Kindly note that we request a three-week lead time for all inquiries. Thank you!

Before visiting, please review our tour Policies and Guidelines which provides a thorough overview of our safety requirements (specific footwear, a signed NDA upon arrival, and no photography or videography in the lab). You can learn more here:

  • Please note: we do not offer private tours for groups less than 10 people. Requests for more than 35 people will require specialized programming and pricing.
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  • Greentown Labs is proud to receive many tour requests and while we’d love to accommodate all interested parties, we simply are unable to due to our small team and limited bandwidth. With this in mind, we’ve moved to a paid tour model based on the size and type of tour group. Please view the pricing sheet to learn more: