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Forging Carbon Supermaterials

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Founded 2018



Amram Bengio

Chief Executive Officer + Founder

Alex Marks

Chief Engineering Officer + Co-founder

Justin Rascoe

Chief Technician + Co-founder

Michael Shiraz

Chief Financial Officer

About the Company

Carbon nanotubes were first discovered 30 years ago, and their amazing properties suggested that an all-carbon nanotube fiber could change the world, but this technology is still absent from the global marketplace. Cost has certainly been a factor, but the lack of a scalable process to align carbon nanotubes into high-performance fibers has been even more limiting. This is where Wootz comes in. Wootz’s patented manufacturing process covers the preparation, extrusion and solidification of carbon nanotube fluids into high-performance fibers. This scalable process delivers cost-effective carbon nanotube fibers with high-performance properties.

About the Solution

Wootz plans to operate in a B2B model, by first targeting the conductive and high-performance fiber markets to provide these industries with a fiber that combines the conductivity of metals with the comfort and wash-resistance of textiles. This can be thought of as a conductive version of Kevlar. Wootz’s nanotube fiber will come on spools and handle just like a textile, so customers in the textile world will not need to modify their assembly line. This fiber can then be woven into other fabric products to provide a conductive scaffold that can power electronics, gather sensor data, serve as a heating element, or even as a wearable antenna. The multifunctionality of Wootz’s fiber product is at the core of the venture‚Äôs potential. In the long term, Wootz envisions that their material will find applications across a broad range of industries, from wearable electronics to smart PPE and from smart composites to next-gen overhead transmission lines.