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WeaveGrid connects electric vehicles to the grid

Greentown Alumni

About the Company

WeaveGrid is a software company that enables wide scale electric vehicle adoption by solving one of the most critical emerging electrification challenges — connecting a growing wave of electric vehicles to an electric grid that was not designed to support the high power needs of widespread charging. Its mission is to drive rapid decarbonization in the global transport and power sectors by intelligently connecting electric vehicles to the grid.

About the Solution

WeaveGrid’s technology leverages embedded vehicle telematics—data, controls, and communication systems—and charging equipment to transform unpredictable and disaggregated EV charging loads into a cohesive network of controllable grid resources. Its approach enables broad participation in utility programs while helping reduce the costs to serve EV loads. WeaveGrid is a market leader in providing these solutions, which the company is deploying in utility programs across the U.S.